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Cartoon or not? Well the Captain just wants to make ya laugh and help you connect with others.

Cartoon or not? Well the Captain just wants to make ya laugh and help you connect with others.


These stunts are performed by a mobile enabled home improvement fanatic on an open course without a net. Try this at home kids. Never run with scissors and always help old ladies across the street. May cause laughs escalating up to beverages ejecting through your nostrils. Additional side effects are side aches and general euphoria. Take 2 Captain Selfies and call me in the morning! 

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Who is Captain Selfie??

First off the Captain's name is Chris Reed. Chris is a long time resident of the Indianapolis area. He likes to make new friends and making people laugh. Where ever he goes he is never alone because he has never met a stranger. Engaging with people and finding out what makes them unique is his passion. He helps people create innovative updates to their homes, through his company Creed Improvements, and he helps brands grow through social promotions, event marketing and outbound and inbound marketing strategies. That's his day job. Sometimes this is training and coaching but it is often through being their outsourced marketing department. 

His View on Social Media:

Social Media is a tool to help you stay in touch with an ever increasing circle of connections. Seth Godin called it your tribe. Chris meets new people for a living. He connects with them socially and tries his best to keep up with them. The word tries means he isn't always successful.  What he is, is authentic, transparent and that means owning his mistakes and hoping you are laughing with him or at him either way he is bringing you joy! So connect with him and who knows where this connection might go!


Sponsors of Captain Selfie:

Companies and establishments that typically sell or provide services to consumers on the North side of Indianapolis can sponsor Captain Selfie. These sponsorships are created uniquely for each business. The goal is to provide them social media / event promotion while helping the Captain stay social! If you would like to check out the companies that currently sponsor the Captain check out the side bar on the homepage of this website. If you would like to sit down with the Captain and design a custom promotion / sponsorship just click the button below! The Captain loves to create win win win situations. Just to clarify a win win win is where the business wins, the public wins and Captain Selfie wins too.  

Click the image to visit Sparks website!

Click the image to visit Sparks website!

Creator of Sparks: 

After 4 years of hosting an after hours networking event for a local networking organization, Chris wanted a bigger challenge. Having always been a fan of TED talks online, he wanted to create a local event that had a TED like experience but different. In June of 2012 Sparks was created and has been growing ever since. With over 160 talks available online and growing there is a wide variety of content to share. The events are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and feature a 35 minute show in the midst of a networking event. Well over 100 Professionals from around the metro area of Indianapolis gather each month to witness 2 four minute talks and a ten minute talk given from area thought leaders. Sparks is brought to you in part by sponsorship.  Members of Sparks always get into Sparks events free! 

click the image to visit Creed Improvements’s website!

click the image to visit Creed Improvements’s website!

Founder of Creed Improvements: 

Creed Improvements is a construction company that helps home owners with many facets of improvement.  

  • Handyman Services

  • Remodeling

  • Room Editions

  • Insurance Restoration Services

Their isn’t a limit he has found that he can’t help a client. If you want straight answers and fair prices then you’re in the right place. Click the link will take you to the Creed Improvement Facebook page where you can see examples of their work. Estimates are based on time and materials. If for any reason Creed Improvements can’t help you they can give you the name of someone who can.  

  • Fix or Repair (Handy Man Services)

  • Painting

  • Trim Work

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Design

  • Decks and Patios

  • Exterior Trim Installation and Repair

  • Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

  • Basement Finishing

  • Commercial office Build Out

  • And Much Mores

Chris is an idea and improvement guy that can help you brain storm any dream you might have , create a plan to achieve it and then connect you to those you need to meet and execute the plan.