A Benefit for A Wish For Our Heroes! 

                                                                                                                                    A Benefit for A Wish For Our Heroes! 


Dancing With The Captain!  Think along the lines of DWTS and watch on Monday nights over 4 weeks (starting 1/18) as Captain Selfie aka Chris Reed and his dance partner Tiffanie learn a style of ballroom dance. They will pick a style to focus on and learn a routine. Each week the lessons will be streamed live to the web via Periscope and Twitter! (follow @castabiggernet on Periscope & Twitter, we will repost the link each week on Facebook too) and watch their progress. Laugh and groan as the Captain tries to be entertaining and Tiffanie actually learns something.  

Event Finale / Party:

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This will culminate in the grand finale Live at District Tap on Saturday February 13th during the "Captain Selfie's Lovers & Haters Party!!"  This is a benefit as a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit Wish For Our Heroes! A local non profit that helps Hoosier Veterans.  
The party will feature The Endless Summer Band, appetizers and 1 free beverage per ticket. Tickets for the party will be $13 per person or $20 per couple. 
There will be other fun & shenanigans during the party and sponsorship opportunities are available. Send Captain Selfie an email if you have questions. Chris@castabigger.net 

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Where: LIVE Streamed to the web via Periscope & Twitter.  Follow @CastABiggerNet to find the show! 

Time: 8pm 

Dates:  4 Mondays, 1/18, 1/25, 2/1, 2/8 then the finale is on 2/13 Saturday night about 11pm 

Tickets for the Finale Party:  

Please visit http://captainselfie.eventbrite.com to get your tickets to the party on Saturday 2/13. 


Who is Who In This Fun Production? 

Captain Selfie:  Played by Chris Reed is a high energy fun guy who loves to make people laugh. When the Captain is around there is sure to be a good time. As a marketer he loves to meet new people. Known around Indy as a networker he meets new people every where he goes. As a marketing consultant he serves as Director of Marketing for Eleven Fifty Consutling a Indianapolis based Mobile / Web Application Development Firm. Through this site you can connect to him too. 


Tiffanie Ditlevson: Tiffanie is super excited to dance with Captain Selfie and learn ballroom dancing styles. When she isn't twirling on the dance floor she works in pharmaceutical sales and marketing with physicians in northern Indiana.  She is an Air Force veteran, a member of Catholic Charities of Indianapolis Agency Council and a super mom to her teenage daughter Micayla (who is embarrassed to death to have her mom dance outside of the home). 


Rebekah Dottin: Ballroom dance instructor.  She has taught dance for 10 years and been involved in dance for 20 years.  Having known Captain Selfie for several years she thinks she knows what she is in for.  Let's hope she is up for the challenge of teaching squirrel man! Rebekah is giving a special offer to all those interested in taking ballroom dance lessons. To learn more about this offer complete this form! 

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BUY YOUR Tickets for the Finale Party:  

Please visit http://captainselfie.eventbrite.com to get your tickets to the party on Saturday 2/13. 

Tickets are limited to the first 150 sold!