This is a brand new concept. I am creating this because it’s what I do best – creating events that bring people together and help make introductions.  

Aside from the obvious differences between the sexes, women face the challenge of being boss, co-worker, spouse / significant other, parent (mother/father) from a their unique perspective.  As a man, a continuous learner and because of what I do, I have been part of many discussions with women about the need for opportunities for entrepreneurial women to interact, participate and engage in discussions that allow them to educate, inspire, support and encourage other women.

Ladies night is initially designed to be a series of community events that give women the opportunity to gather with other women in an informal setting to build and nurture personal and professional relationships.  My idea is to get this started ASAP and then let this evolve into whatever develops that best meets the needs and expectations of professional women in the metro area.

Captain Selfie's Ladies Night Events will include... 

  • Free Wine Tasting

  • Drink Specials

  • Appetizer Specials

  • Win Prizes

  • Promotions / Samples

  • Networking

  • A Chance To Be On An Internet Radio Show

Q: What's This All About? 

A: This event is being developed to bring women together. For a number of reasons, like networking, making new friends, visit with old friends, while having a chance to win prizes and experience new things... Like WINE! and much more. 

Q: Are guys aloud to attend?  

A: Sure but the focus, prizes and give a ways are for the ladies.

Q: Where are these events being held?  

A: We haven't launched the first one yet. SOON! These events will be held at upscale establishments starting on the North side of Indy. 

Q: What's that bit about being on a radio show? 

A: The concept is entrepreneurial women come together to talk about.... their business, their passion behind why they do what they do, what their biggest challenges or struggles have been, and so much more. Those that indicate they want to be on the show will be asked to prepare for a 5-7 question interview that will be conducted in 5 minutes. We will be at the least taping the show live from the establishment.  The women who are selected to be on the show will gain increased exposure for their business.  

Q: What sort of free stuff? 

A: I'm working on that. We are looking for the right sponsors who want their products and services in front of women.

Here's a short list of potential sponsors:  

Winery, day spas, massage therapists, esthetician, consignment shop, essential oils, workout place, car dealer, kitchen and bath remodeling, plastic surgeon, weight loss center, retail store, boudoir photography, head shot photographer, bookkeeper, hair salon, jewelry store, lingerie store, cell phone repair, fun family oriented activities destinations, cosmetics (Merle Norman / Ulta), party city, corporate caterers, dentists, and other brands! 

Sponsorship is a way to support this effort and expand the reach of your own business. Any business that would be patronized by women are invited to participate – which means every business out there. 

Q: When is the first event? 

A: Soon...  I will let you know when I know. I am in talks with a few establishments. 

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