We All Need Each Other...

We weren't created to go it alone. I bet you have heard that before right? It is a fact. We all have a built in need for connection, community and relationship. Life is easier when we have friends. When we are connected our burdens are lighter. Let me give you an example.


Have you ever called up that friend because you are at the end of your rope and asked that question? Do you have a minute because I am about to loose it! Then you hear the yes what's up?  Q!#@$ !#$ Blankety Blankety Blank Blank!!! Right?

But after that you feel better. There is only one way to get that feeling. It's through another human being.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Only attempt this with someone you know really well. Try this with a stranger and you will probably be hung up on. If in person I bet they walk away from you. It is only through a real friend that they will actually hear you. Having them hear you is the way this release is actually effective. Trust me I used to have a dog and he just walked out of the room when I tried this with him. 

The best way to insure the friend will be there for you is to be there for them first. Please know this isn't about keeping score. It is about creating a relationship with others. 

That is one very great example of the power of connection.

Let me list off some other examples of why we need connection to other people. 

  • Moving: Friends will save you money, beer and pizza is always cheaper than a moving company.
  • Babysitting: They will be better friends than I am!  (most are.)
  • Karaoke: Well maybe alone is good if you are a terrible singer. 
  • Golf:  Maybe you're not all that competitive but a friend will return your trash talk.
  • Pick up or drop off car at the mechanic: Enuff said.
  • Watching a football game: You need someone to high five am I right?
  • Sick: Someone to listen to me er ah I mean you whine.
  • Ride to the (insert medical need here): We know there are going to be times when we aren't aloud to drive.
  • Someone eat with: A pizza without a friend is just not a good idea.
  • Someone to play a game with: No one would ever land on Boardwalk let alone any of your properties.
  • Wingman:  Have you met my frien... er um ahh ME? 
  • Have your back: We have all made that bad move and some hot head won't let it go. Personally I'm a lover not a fighter but if push comes to shove, well I want Mr. Wilson by my side. 
  • Try out new jokes on:  If you know me then you have probably experienced the good the bad and the ugly. 
  • Relationships beginning: We need someone to say good for you.
  • Relationships ending: We need someone to say what a... (Insert derogatory reference here)!
  • Nights out on the town: A bar crawl alone is just sad. It was only cool for George Throughgood.
  • Getting home safely after bar crawls: You wake up in a strange place one time you will know what I mean.
  • Coyote Ugly: I don't think I need to go into the details here. (shiver) Thanks Mr. Kennedy!
  • Moving a body: I have no personal experience with this but my advice is make sure they are a good friend.

Last but not least... GROW YOUR BUSINESS. 

The number one way to grow your business is through referrals.

Referrals tend to be...

  • Better educated buyers
  • Know more about what you do
  • Won't treat you like a commodity
  • Close quicker
  • Buy more
  • Lead to more repeat business
  • Higher quality clients
  • Lower cost of sales
  • Pre-qualified to buy
  • Reduced competition
  • Bring you more referrals 

Less investment in money but a higher investment in time. It takes time to develop referral partners. Most people make the mistake of thinking a one time conversation will result in referrals. It really is the repetitive connection with people consistently over time that fosters a real relationship.  

I love this article clipping from a 2002 article from Ivan Misner the founder of BNI or Business Networking International the largest global networking organization.  

This is to demonstrate that relationships perform better over time. When relationships are cultivated without pressure and maintained over time they are richer and perform better. Also keep in mind that you actually need to help them as well. I like to say I get about 20% back of what I give. Months where my business is slow I realize that I didn't help enough people. Any other way of thinking is wrong. Or as my 8th grade shop teacher Archie would say "Stinkin thinkin!"

We definitely all need each other. It is funny how sometimes the people you feel like you need the least are the ones you wind up needing the most! 

As always I hope this post made you laugh a bit, maybe even out loud. Most of all I hope it made you think. Till next time, this is Captain Selfie saying... lets dance and sing but first... Let me take a selfie!