Second Month Check In

At 43lbs down I fit into this 2XL shirt that I haven't been able to wear in 2 years. 

At 43lbs down I fit into this 2XL shirt that I haven't been able to wear in 2 years. 

Well it's been 72 days and I thought I should check in with you all. This road has been he most challenging next to when I quit smoking 13 years ago. Quitting smoking was harder but at least I had over eating as a crutch. Sorry there is a joke in there somewhere about quitting eating by taking up smoking.  

I've lost a lot of weight. People notice it when we meet. In case you aren't keeping tract I've lost 43lbs in these 72 days. That's over a half pound per day. Crazy right. Everyone asked me what is it that you've been doing? I tell them like I'll tell you. 

- Atkins level 1

- Cardio

- Strength training

- Suppliments

- Cocaine  (kidding)

I'm joking!! Just wanted to see if you are actually reading this. I always follow that up with... if you do an 8 ball of cocaine each day you won't ever be hungry and you can't sit still let alone sleep. Ok that's what I imagine would happen.  


It really comes down to choices.  

Choose what to eat:

I tell everyone if you see me with a sandwich in my hands you have my permission to smack it out of my hands. Because I shouldn't ever have bread. I still get a cheeseburger but I tell them to hold the bun.  I always ask for extra pickles, tomatoes and if they will substitute a side salad instead of fries. Sometimes it costs a few extra bucks but many times it doesn't.  Especially at high end restaurants like Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. For them to sub a wedge for no extra money is a huge score.  







Choose what to do:  

Activity or no activity? I choose activity as often as possible. I have a standing desk set up in my office so I can shift back and forth. I'm trying to get in 8-12 miles a week either walking or riding my bicycle. Ohh and my favorite activity is to dance at least 3 hours a week. I mean shake it that booty and work up a sweat!!! It's good for you physically and mentally.  


Choosing who to do it with: 

lets face it we all are busy. Life is moving darn fast. It can be tough to make it to the gym. Things come up and you choose to make something else a priority. It happens. So I know based on past experiences that I will let other things take priority over my work out. When ever I have a workout set up with another person I won't give up on them.  So I set out from the start to find multiple people to workout with. Don't get me wrong it is still a challenge.  



It is important to have people in your life that know your goals and care. In my case I have about 4000 of them. I know right!!! That's a lot. I have a lot of Facebook friends. I decided to tell everyone my goals. Then I report in to everyone via Facebook a couple of times a week. What has happened is when people see me out and about they are always asking how I'm doing. Additionally I get lots of positive comments, man you're loosing a lot of weight Chris, looking good Chris etc. It is a surprising benefit. The encouragement makes me want to keep going. 


The good the bad and the ugly:  So I've got to check in on the bad stuff too. 

Atkins Level 1 is HARD. The average person intakes between 170-350 grams of carbs every day. (According to Men's Health Magazine). To have the Atkins Diet work for you well you have to get your intake of carbs to 10-23 grams of carbs each day. Once you get to that level you have to maintain it. After 7-10 days your body shifts into Ketosis. The state where your body, starving for carbs shifts to stored fat for energy.  The challenge also is if you slip, I mean cheat, even one day then it will take 3-7 days for your system to shift back into ketosis. 

Ive had several days over the last 72 days where I've slipped. The results I have are because of focused intention to loose weight. The right frame of mind helps. I'm not doing this for anyone else other than myself. I want the outside of me to resemble the inside. It causes me to be determined and focused on making this happen.  

So to wrap up this update. I have 43lbs lost in 72 days which leaves me 7lbs to loose in 6 weeks. That is totally doable. I am going to do my first ever MUDRUN on Saturday May 30th to celebrate. I am inviting everyone to come join my team.  


There is an event in Facebook for the Hollis Adams Mud Run. If you click this link you can register. Once you're registered you can join Team Reed. That will out you in the 10am heat. Everyone on Team Reed will be invited back to my place for a pool party complete with burgers, brats and chicken breasts. Oh and beverages.   

Join us it is going to be fun!

That is all for now. I hope this helps you, encourages you, entertains you, or all of the above!! Let me know how you are doing with your own journey!?!? :-)