Former Indianapolis Colt Ryan Diem Partners with Cast A Bigger Net to Produce Inaugural B4 Fest to Fight Childhood Cancer

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 Former Indianapolis Colt Ryan Diem Partners with Cast A Bigger Net to Produce Inaugural B4 Fest to Fight Childhood Cancer

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INDIANAPOLIS - Former Colt’s player Ryan Diem and the Allie & Friends Foundation have partnered with local event organizer, Cast A Bigger Net, to produce the inaugural B4 Fest event on Saturday, September 30, 2017 from 12:30 to 4 p.m. at Balmoral House in Fishers, Indiana. B4 Fest will combine Barbeque, Bourbon, Beer and more to create a memorable charitable event that will raise funds to battle pediatric cancer.

For the last 12 years, Zionsville resident and former Colts offensive lineman, Ryan Diem, and his wife Julie have been active in the Allie & Friends Foundation, which began as a golf outing to raise money for Allie Neff, who was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma in 2004 and eventually succumbed to the cancer in 2006. The Foundation continues to raise money for research into childhood cancer, which is the leading cause of death by disease in the United States.

In addition to what has become an annual golf classic in Illinois, Diem is expanding fundraising efforts to his home state, Indiana, with the inaugural B4 Fest this year. Joining him in his efforts is Chris Reed, founder of Cast A Bigger Net. Diem said, “Chris was gracious enough to put this event together, and personally I can’t wait for September 30 to meet a lot of new people that want to join us in tackling pediatric cancer.”

As a proud NFL alumni, Diem has asked the NFL Almuni-Indy Chapter to unite with him in his endeavor. Krissy Garrett, Chapter Relation Coordinator said, “The NFL Almni-Indy Chapter is happy to support one of our own, Ryan Diem, and his charity Allie and Friends Foundation in the battle bighting pediatric cancer through our ‘Caring for Kids’ mission.”

Diem had the vision for a local event and Reed had the background and resources to help make it happen. “Creating a fundraiser that would appeal to a wide variety of people is what we were after when creating B4 Fest”, Reed said. “Hosting it at the right location was the first decision, which is why I partnered with Balmoral House. Next, we brought in award-winning City Barbeque, because having good Barbeque is foundational for B4 Fest.

“Beer was the next element to the B$ Fest Benefit, and Two Deep Brewing, Redemption Alewerks, and Brew Link Brewing came on board. Each of these breweries are well known in Indianapolis, and they promise to bring out something for everyone,” Reed said.

The Bourbon selection is underway with the goal of having tastings for all. Davidoff Cigars from Blend Bar Cigar will be featured as well. Legendary DJ Sunny Moon will be setting the tone with great music and the patio will be the place for attendees to engage in games such as Cornhole and Fowling.

Tickets are on sale now. General public tickets have been limited to 125 with an additional 60 VIP/Sponsor tickets and 40 more for NFL Alumni, which will make this all-inclusive event not just fun, but very exclusive. Visit to purchase tickets while they last.


ALLIE & FRIENDS FOUNDATION is a nonprofit organization co-founded by retired Indianapolis Colts lineman Ryan Diem that creates a positive atmosphere for generating charitable contributions to fund the battle against pediatric cancer. A&FF is committed to helping find a cure for this devastating disease through research, and supporting families in need through education. A&FF also desires to utilize its platform to increase awareness and advocate for those in need. A&FF will fund research grants and clinical trials, and educate the public about a disease dramatically lacking in funding. Allie & Friends Foundation, Inc. (“A&FF”) is an Indiana nonprofit corporation operating through a fiscal sponsorship with Players’ Philanthropy Fund, Inc. (Federal Tax ID: 27-6601178), a Maryland charitable trust with federal tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. For more information on A&FF visit their website at


THE NFL ALUMNI-INDY CHAPTER is a 501(c)(3) organization composed primarily of former professional football players guided in their volunteer efforts by the motto "Caring for Kids". The NFL Alumni-Indy Chapter also serves as a passionate advocate for greater quality of life benefits for all former NFL players. The Association eagerly pursues greater benefits and the implementation of programmatic services devoted to enhancing the health, productive acuity of retired NFL players and their families.

CAST A BIGGER NET is a unique event marketing company founded by entrepreneur Chris Reed that makes it possible for clients to host extraordinary events with purpose. From inspiration to execution, all the way to post event wrap up, Cast A Bigger Net has skills and resources to minimize the budget and maximize results that have a positive impact on brand and reputation. For more information go to or call 317-218-7990.

BALMORAL HOUSE is a distinctive event space rich in both charm and uniqueness, unparalleled to any other venue in the Indianapolis area. Once a private residence, this 10,000 square foot estate is now an exquisite wedding and event venue. Conveniently located in the city of Fishers just minutes from hotels, shopping and interstates I-69 and I-465. For more information go to or call 317-288-8741.

Chris Reed, Media Contact
8235 Lakeshore Trail W. Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 626-1177



Sean Fuller's Faith Goals and Life Event

I am excited to announce that Captain Selfie Promotions is bringing Sean Fuller's Faith Goals and Life to Indianapolis. On June 24th people of all ages can have a once in a lifetime experience with the drummer of Florida Georgia Line.  Spend a morning with Sean! 

Visit the link for all the information but here is a bit of what attendees will experience!

VIP SESSION: 9am - 10:30am

VIPs ticket holders get to arrive early for a exclusive breakfast with Sean along with a picture and autograph session.

General Session: 11am - 1:30pm

General ticket holders and VIP's get to hear Sean's inspirational story of his life and his time with the band, along with a autograph session at the end.

Additionally all attendees are welcome to order their own lunch from Morty's great menu. It's a mix of Tex Mex and traditional American food. 

We will be raffling off autographed drum heads and various other items to raise money for Angels & Doves and Indianapolis based non profit that provides educational programs and solutions for Anti-Bullying something Sean is very passionate about.  So don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

Grab your ticket for they sell out! 

Event Management Testimony - My Car Doc Smash Fest 2017

I was blessed to be able to work with John Cannon the founder of My Car Doc Car Care Clinic to create and execute Smash Fest 2017 the 2nd annual event that is a benefit for a local charity.  From the very beginning I knew we could make Smash Fest a hit.  This event was well executed and fun for the whole family.  

Key attributes of Smash Fest 2017

  • Non Profit Benefit
  • Taste of Castleton
  • Family Fun 
  • Silent Auction
  • Great Professional DJ
  • Craft Beer

This created a lot of exposure for My Car Doc and gained him new customers instantly.  Watch John Cannon and myself talk about what we did and the next event I am working on. 

If you and your organization could use some help with coming up with ideas, event planning, promotions and or the execution of that event plan. I have been developing relationships with establishment owners, management and their staff as well numerous vendors that can help make your next event a huge success.  

Give me a call at (317) 218-7990 and lets talk. You can email me as well at

To Spam Or Not To Spam

There's a high road and a low road.  Which path to choose? That is always the question. Today the masses are awake to the fact that social marketing is all that works. The trouble is relationships are only viable over the long haul. Or they work best when they have been established for many years. 

Doesn't it look tasty?? How do you like your Spam?  

Doesn't it look tasty?? How do you like your Spam?  

You can't meet someone this morning and ask them to help you move this afternoon. They already have plans. If you knew them for a while. Maybe a few months and you asked them one on one say 2-3 months in advance you could probably get them to help out. Especially if you promised a social encounter where many other of your friends would be there to help out.  

What I'm seeing more and more of is others attempting short cut spam like tactics where they attempt to sell someone on the first encounter or even the second. No matter what you are selling there is a darn good chance someone else is selling it too. That and I probably already know someone longer that sells it. How many dentists, lawyers, insurance agents and financial planners do you already know? So if it's more than 2 or 3 there is a darn good chance everyone else does too. Especially someone like myself who is uber connected. 

The idea if you would jump to that short term tactic is so very telling about other areas of your life. Or let's just say it could be a leading indicator. Traditional advertising IS NOT DEAD. Yes I just said that. It isn't. It's alive and well. 

What has happened is the percentage of conversion has dramatically shrunk. The necessary budget to make it work has increased dramatically.

How many social networks can you name? Do you count them on one hand or two?  

How many social networks can you name? Do you count them on one hand or two?  

Why hey has this happened? Because of the number of outlets for entertainment has increased 10,000% in the last 20 years.

So instead of spamming someone and creating such a negative brand impression why not put that time and energy into helping someone else. Eventually someone is going to say wow what a nice guy, I wonder what he does for a living? Oh he's a Realitor. The next day Sally has lunch with her friend and says we are thinking about selling our house. Oh really you should talking to my friend the Realitor he is such a great guy. That is how social media marketing is supposed to work. 

It's not supposed to be about posting examples of your professional prowess every hour on the hour showing off how awesome you are. It should be a blend of your personal and professional persona. Examples of your humanness. Let us know you love the Cubs, kittens and long walks on the beach. Show us your Bon fires, kids ball games and volunteering at church. Then add a bit of news about things in your professional life as well as let us see you building up others as well as helping the little guy up when he's stumbled. This is an example of a human being in social media. People will connect to you. It's a marathon not a sprint. Take the high road. In the end you will be glad you did.

Got questions, I bet I have answers. If not I'll help you find them. It's what I do as a consultant we might not have all the answers but we do have an awesome set of questions. Most of the time it's those questions that will help you get to YOUR answers faster. He and smile cause it's gonna be a great day!  

Choices... It's All About Choices - Chris Reed presents at Failure Institute Q1 2016

I was asked to speak at the Failure Institute's Q1 Summit on January 29th 2016.  You can click the link above to learn more about the Failure Institute. I embrace failure as a way to learn from mistakes both my own and others. 


This isn't because I am a failure its because they felt I have failed forward with regards to my weightloss. I was excited to do this. I practiced and practiced. I asked my weight loss mentor Travis Sims to join me as he was the catalyst for my weightloss journey. Don't get me wrong there are many people that have helped me on this journey.  What I didn't expect was the emotional impact of doing this talk would have on me. I really had to fight back the tears of joy at one part of my talk, even though Travis had warned me it would happen.  

Shout outs:  Melissa LeFlure (thanks for Fluxing me), Mallorie Parish (thanks for the diet coaching), Sparks fans (for listening each month to my updates), Facebook friends (for encouraging me constantly), and all of the friends who have taken walks with me and met me for a workout.  

Here is the video of my talk.  

Second Month Check In

At 43lbs down I fit into this 2XL shirt that I haven't been able to wear in 2 years. 

At 43lbs down I fit into this 2XL shirt that I haven't been able to wear in 2 years. 

Well it's been 72 days and I thought I should check in with you all. This road has been he most challenging next to when I quit smoking 13 years ago. Quitting smoking was harder but at least I had over eating as a crutch. Sorry there is a joke in there somewhere about quitting eating by taking up smoking.  

I've lost a lot of weight. People notice it when we meet. In case you aren't keeping tract I've lost 43lbs in these 72 days. That's over a half pound per day. Crazy right. Everyone asked me what is it that you've been doing? I tell them like I'll tell you. 

- Atkins level 1

- Cardio

- Strength training

- Suppliments

- Cocaine  (kidding)

I'm joking!! Just wanted to see if you are actually reading this. I always follow that up with... if you do an 8 ball of cocaine each day you won't ever be hungry and you can't sit still let alone sleep. Ok that's what I imagine would happen.  


It really comes down to choices.  

Choose what to eat:

I tell everyone if you see me with a sandwich in my hands you have my permission to smack it out of my hands. Because I shouldn't ever have bread. I still get a cheeseburger but I tell them to hold the bun.  I always ask for extra pickles, tomatoes and if they will substitute a side salad instead of fries. Sometimes it costs a few extra bucks but many times it doesn't.  Especially at high end restaurants like Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. For them to sub a wedge for no extra money is a huge score.  







Choose what to do:  

Activity or no activity? I choose activity as often as possible. I have a standing desk set up in my office so I can shift back and forth. I'm trying to get in 8-12 miles a week either walking or riding my bicycle. Ohh and my favorite activity is to dance at least 3 hours a week. I mean shake it that booty and work up a sweat!!! It's good for you physically and mentally.  


Choosing who to do it with: 

lets face it we all are busy. Life is moving darn fast. It can be tough to make it to the gym. Things come up and you choose to make something else a priority. It happens. So I know based on past experiences that I will let other things take priority over my work out. When ever I have a workout set up with another person I won't give up on them.  So I set out from the start to find multiple people to workout with. Don't get me wrong it is still a challenge.  



It is important to have people in your life that know your goals and care. In my case I have about 4000 of them. I know right!!! That's a lot. I have a lot of Facebook friends. I decided to tell everyone my goals. Then I report in to everyone via Facebook a couple of times a week. What has happened is when people see me out and about they are always asking how I'm doing. Additionally I get lots of positive comments, man you're loosing a lot of weight Chris, looking good Chris etc. It is a surprising benefit. The encouragement makes me want to keep going. 


The good the bad and the ugly:  So I've got to check in on the bad stuff too. 

Atkins Level 1 is HARD. The average person intakes between 170-350 grams of carbs every day. (According to Men's Health Magazine). To have the Atkins Diet work for you well you have to get your intake of carbs to 10-23 grams of carbs each day. Once you get to that level you have to maintain it. After 7-10 days your body shifts into Ketosis. The state where your body, starving for carbs shifts to stored fat for energy.  The challenge also is if you slip, I mean cheat, even one day then it will take 3-7 days for your system to shift back into ketosis. 

Ive had several days over the last 72 days where I've slipped. The results I have are because of focused intention to loose weight. The right frame of mind helps. I'm not doing this for anyone else other than myself. I want the outside of me to resemble the inside. It causes me to be determined and focused on making this happen.  

So to wrap up this update. I have 43lbs lost in 72 days which leaves me 7lbs to loose in 6 weeks. That is totally doable. I am going to do my first ever MUDRUN on Saturday May 30th to celebrate. I am inviting everyone to come join my team.  


There is an event in Facebook for the Hollis Adams Mud Run. If you click this link you can register. Once you're registered you can join Team Reed. That will out you in the 10am heat. Everyone on Team Reed will be invited back to my place for a pool party complete with burgers, brats and chicken breasts. Oh and beverages.   

Join us it is going to be fun!

That is all for now. I hope this helps you, encourages you, entertains you, or all of the above!! Let me know how you are doing with your own journey!?!? :-)  

What Do You Do Chris?

What Do You Do Chris?

I recently went to an event where I ran into 6 people that I have known for many years.  As we were catching up I received the following question from 4 of them.
"So what is your business these days?"
What hit my brain was "I don't know what you do for a living." 

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